"Undercover Lovers" (2016, Drama-Comedy, The Huge & Skunk UK), Written & Directed by: Jonathan Augustavo

Logline: A recent widower finds self worth when a life threatening episode briefly reunites him with his deceased partner.

Synopsis: ELMER, 30, is a recent widower in search of answers in the wake of his partner’s unexpected passing. In returning from her grave, Elmer is in the process of cleaning up their place and slowly move on. In the mess are flowers, cards, clothes and every bit of their once thriving life. Elmer who is not readily any means to make these changes, heads to their bedroom hoping a change of sheets can life his spirits.

In this moment of memory Elmer literally dies from heart ache. When he comes to, his form is no longer that of a human, but of a ghost. But this ghost simply wears the same sheets he planned to change. Elmer rises from his dead human vessel examining the body sadly, but also excited to test out his new form.

Elmer hits the street gliding, free of the constraints of his old sad self. As he saunters around town he has a chance meeting with another ghost. A ghost that is oddly similar to his partner. Unsure whether it is HER or not, Elmer gives pursuit providing her with cues that it’s him, hoping she will remember. In the moment when he wants to give up, something is jarred loose and she remembers him.

Elmer and his partner spend their time scaring birds, trying on new fabric, eating tacos and of course getting busy in the washing machine. Everything feels perfect again. Elmer feels whole in the afterlife, but just as things couldn’t be better he is pulled back into his human self by a paramedic. Elmer is crushed.

He tries to reconcile his feelings, walking the streets wearing a sheet again - hoping to find her. But he’s no longer a ghost and the world around looks at him like a freak. Beaten, Elmer heads to a bridge to hopefully reconnect with his partner once again. Standing high above he finds the strength to not cheat to see her, but to live life and wait until they meet again when its supposed to be.

Elmer sad, but stronger walks off into the rest of his life, only to be hit and killed by a car. Some time later we find Elmer in ghost form again, crossing paths with his partner after all.

Starring: Jerod Haynes (Southside With You, Empire, Sense 8)

Produced by: Adam Leeman, Andrea Sastoque, Remii Huang