A mild mannered giant of a man is belittled and abused into a life of monotony. However, his boring life is compromised by a chance meeting with a beautiful woman. In the days that follow he must make life or death decisions that ultimately decide who he is as a person. This short was my final project to finish my film studies at Art Center College of Design. I received loads of help from my friends, family and classmates. let me know what you think or leave a comment: JONJONAYE@GMAIL.COM For the most part It was me making this little fella, but I did get loads of late night help from the exceptionally talented friends in the credits below. Please find them, follow them, love them. They are all brilliant-

Written & Directed by: Jon Jon Augustavo ( ) Produced By: Micah Williams DP: MEGO Lin ( ) Music by: Andrew Joslyn Edited by: Jorge Sandoval ( ) 1st AD: Bret Zausmer Production Design: Lauren Fejarang ( ) Special thanks to so many, but especially Art Center College of Design and Claremont Camera.