"Floyd The Barber" (2015, Thriller, Virgin Soil Pictures), Written & Directed by: Jonathan Augustavo

Logline: A criminal travels back in time preventing death at the hands of a deranged killer.

Synopsis: A criminal, JACKSON wakes in the middle of a deserted desert. With no money, memory, or idea how he arrived there he sets off toward the only clue he has on his person, a matchbook for a shady motel.

Along the way his interactions with society and the people around are eerily few and far between. Jackson finds he is unsettled by police and decides not to search for answers there. A chance interaction at a convenience store uncovers a small clue about his identity - that he is a criminal known for sticking up shops with his associate, FLOYD.

With this new knowledge he boosts a car and sets off toward the motel looking for answers.

When he arrives, he finds it ominously still but is able to find another clue pushing him further into his journey. With no choice and no answers he breaks into a room where he sees Floyd having a heated argument. Eventually it is revealed Floyd is arguing with Jackson, but the past version of himself.

In this moment our hero realizes he is a spirit and has no choice but, to save his past self from certain death and causing himself to cease from existence.

Starring: Aaron Farb (Powers, Kill The Messenger) & Trey Holland (11-Minute Mile)

Produced by: Malcolm Duncan & Remii Huang

Feature Potential... wondering about Floyd and Jackson's past, or how Jackson ended up in the desert in the first place? Or what kind of bad things they did together? Me too. This character driven thriller has the potential to be something unique with a touch of surreal. And I hope I can make that happen.